Urban Tropical

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Urban Tropical - Falco Lyrics

Hey man, every-every-everybody's talkin' about it, everybody's talkin' bout...
And I know, and I know (...) from Manhattan to everywhere
Everybody's talkin' about it, and we tell you what it isIt's the hip and the hipitty-hop, hop-hip to the freestyle rockin' an' we never gonna stop, ah
(never gonna stop) - and we talkin' about, that...Cha!
Und jetzt
Cha!Red (yeah) do you hear me? --- (I hear ya babe)
Do ya hear me? --- (I hear ya)
Red (yeah) what's going up your nose?
When they goes up close nobody knows what goes up your nose when they goes up closeHey man, how you doing man? hey great to see you two, hi
Hey, hey, what about your sister (she's still black)
She's still black, she's still black (she's still black)
I've tried so hard to get black
I can't believe it yeah, alright! - say hipitty-hop, hop, ah
(She's still black, she's still black, she's still black)
Freestyle rockin' we ain't never gonna stop
(She's still black, still black, she's still black) - alright!say what?
Hey-ya, gotcha hey-ya, come on and get ya - eh, eh (Gotcha eh)
Wenn wir in der Lobby sitzen, doch wir rauchten es genau
He's cool, no he's not the fool, no
Say what, negrita lady with the bloodshot eye
Just a, just a few bucks more - come on here we go (she's still black, still black, lady with the bloodshot eyes is still black)Wenn wir in der Lobby sitzen, doch wie immer noch wass raucht
He's cool though, oh no, he's no fool no - hipitty-hop-hop
Say, hey negrita lady with the bloodshot eye (so black)
Just a, just a few bucks more, reggae, a come on here we go
Here we go, a come on here we go
Talkin' bout
And what we're talkin' about is
Und jetzt
What we're talkin' bout is, what we're talkin' bout is
And that's in - Urban TropicalSay
Cha! Cha! Cha!Urban TropicalSay what - aye, aye!
Come on and - aye!Want you to get out of this show, and give me a smoke, come on
Got some speed man, got some speed
I don't mean that German band, i don't mean that - German band
I mean 'Ganya', you know 'Ganya'
You don't get it in this studio, because the owner of this studio's here, now
(She's is black, she is, she's, she, she, she...) (fade)

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